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Jared Flagg in 1910

New Haven’s Jared Flagg Launches One of the First Ponzi Schemes

In 1926 the fraud police had Jared Flagg under questioning. It wasn't the first time the flimflam man ...

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new england opium

The New England Opium Crisis of 1805

New England’s role in the opium trade in the early 1800s is a little-noted phenomenon. New England opium ...

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A Revolutionary Currency Crash – The Story of William Beadle

By the opening of the American Revolution, William Beadle was a successful merchant and patriot. He contributed to ...

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How the Thoreau Pencil Wrote, and Paid for, Walden

The Thoreau pencil was a triumph in Henry David Thoreau’s lifetime, overshadowed since by the posthumous fame of ...

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