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joseph dudley

Joseph Dudley and the Private Bank That Sank Him

Money in the 1600s was a volatile topic in the colonies. In a financial crisis, a currency shortage ...

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Small Bells of Connecticut: One Town Made Sounds That Rang in Millions of Ears

The small bells rung by Salvation Army soldiers during the Christmas holidays are all made in Connecticut. In ...

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mary celeste

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

On Nov. 5, 1872, Benjamin Briggs of Wareham, Mass. piloted the brigantine Mary Celeste to sea loaded with ...

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Jared Flagg in 1910

New Haven’s Jared Flagg Launches One of the First Ponzi Schemes

In 1926 the fraud police had Jared Flagg under questioning. It wasn't the first time the flimflam man ...

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