Armchair Guide to NH Leaf Peeping

[jpshare]When Mother Nature gets out her paintbrush, foliage aficionados flock to New England like seagulls to French fries. This is not a modern development. The leaf peeper has been a fixture of New England’s countryside since well before Peter Pan’s People Professionals began bringing them up here.

Eagle Cliff, Franconia, NH, Jervis McEntee

Eagle Cliff, Franconia, NH, Jervis McEntee

If you like foliage but can’t bear the thought of the Hooksett toll or creeping along through the outlet traffic to get to the Kancamagus Highway , check out The New Hampshire Historical Society’s on-line exhibit, “Art and Tourism in the White Mountains, 1850-1900.”  It features 19th century paintings in the style of the Hudson River School as well as amateur drawings and water colors.

You’ll find that guidebooks go as far back as 1859, when Thomas Starr King published “The White Hills: Their Legends, Landscapes and Poetry.” Or that Harrison Bird Brown, Portland’s most prolific landscape painter, came to the White Mountains to paint every year for 35 years.



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