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Flashback Photo: Stonington, Conn., 1940

Jack Delano took this haunting photo of Stonington, Conn., in 1940 for the Farm Security Administration, one of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs. The photo caption reads, 'A square with old houses in an old fishing village.' Stonington, which ...

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Mark Twain Predicts the New Deal


One can only imagine the reception Mark Twain got for his comments at the Monday Evening Club in Hartford on March 22, 1886. Twain praised the Knights of Labor as a new aristocracy in the paper he read to the ...

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Everett Horton Goes Fishing for a Fortune

Everett Horton was a Bristol, Conn., crinoline hoop-maker who liked to go fishing, even on Sunday. The problem was  the Puritanical village condemned the practice. Fishing poles aren’t easy to hide, so Horton invented a pole of telescoping steel tubes. On ...

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