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30 Unusual Facts About New England Presidents

In honor of President’s Day, we give you five fun and off-beat facts about each of New England's presidents, beginning with the earliest and working forward. John Adams Massachusetts' John Adams was the nation's second president. Elected after serving as ...

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The Valentine’s Day Storm of 1940

The Valentine’s Day Storm of 1940 barreled into New England just 15 months after The Great New England Hurricane of 1938. Heavy snows and high winds made it one of the most memorable storms in Boston's history. The blizzard caught ...

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A Sweet Story About Conversation Hearts

Centuries before a Cambridge, Mass., candy company started making conversation hearts in 1901, British men and women exchanged ‘kissing comfits’ to sweeten the breath and perhaps ask for a kiss. In the late 16th century, William Shakespeare mentions kissing comfits ...

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Esther Howland, Worcester’s Valentine Innovator


Esther Howland was called ‘The Mother of the American Valentine,’ but a more accurate description might have been ‘Mother of the American Career Girl.’ She was a 19th century businesswoman in Worcester, Mass., who popularized expensive English-style Valentines with lots of ...

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Bill Russell Tosses His Cookies

Bill Russell led the Boston Celtics to victory in 11 championship games, but only after throwing up first. He was born on Feb. 12, 1934 to poor parents in West Monroe, La., the Jim Crow South. He became the first ...

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In Love With A Loyalist

William Tudor was in love with a loyalist, an awkward position for a rebel who would become the first judge advocate general of the Continental Army. Worse, she was a loyalist who helped British soldiers wounded at the Battle of ...

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