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Jaws, Or The Tale of an Unfairly Maligned Shark

The classic suspense novel Jaws created such animosity toward sharks that the book's author became an ardent ocean conservationist and shark advocate. Twenty-five years after Jaws was published in early 1974, Peter Benchley said he couldn’t have written it today in good ...

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Abby Kelley Shakes Up Seneca Falls

Abby Kelley came to Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1843 and turned the town upside down. Day after day she delivered passionate speeches against slavery and for women’s rights. She wasn’t allowed to speak in the churches, so she spoke in ...

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Horatio Alger and the 100-Year-Old Secret

Horatio Alger wrote rags-to-riches stories about poor boys who succeed through hard work, often helped by a wealthy benefactor with a guilty secret. Alger is often believed to have patterned his earnest young characters after himself. Actually, he patterned the ...

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