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Take a Sleigh Ride with the Boston Pops

The much-loved Christmas song Sleigh Ride was written during an August heat wave for the Boston Pops Orchestra and didn’t even have lyrics until after it hit the pop charts. Sleigh Ride was the work of Leroy Anderson, a Cambridge, ...

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Currier & Ives ‘Cheap and Popular Prints’

Currier & Ives described their prints as ‘cheap and popular,’ and while they’re still popular, they are hardly cheap. Prints that once sold for 15 cents or a dollar can now command several thousand dollars from collectors. Currier & Ives was ...

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The Parker Brothers of Salem, Mass.

Search any New England attic and you're likely to find a version of Parker Brothers' Monopoly. The beloved board game can trace its existence to 1883, when 16-year-old George Parker decided to liven up a dull game called Everlasting. Everlasting was ...

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What New Englanders Say About Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, we bring you some New England sayings and superstitions about the holiday from What They Say in New England, by Clifton Johnson in 1896. Here goes: There is a saying that on the night before Christmas when ...

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Eunice Williams, The Unredeemed Captive

In 1704, Mohawk Indians raided the frontier town of Deerfield, Mass. They captured local pastor John Williams, along with his family. Most of the family (those who didn’t die in the attack or aftermath) would be ransomed – all but a seven-year-old ...

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