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James Fields and the Old Corner Bookstore

In the middle of the 18th century, visitors to the Old Corner Bookstore would find James Thomas Fields laughing and talking with the pre-eminent authors of the day. Fields’ charm and literary instincts turned had transformed the old bookstore into ...

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Paul Cuffe and the Back-to-Africa Movement

The Back-to-Africa movement began with a wealthy mixed-race Quaker named Paul Cuffe, who brought African-American Bostonians to a Sierra Leone colony in 1815, two years before the American Colonization Society was founded. Paul Cuffe led an extraordinary life. He was ...

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Glover’s Regiment Crosses the Delaware

John Glover’s Regiment  of Marblehaders spent Christmas 1776 crossing the Delaware  with boats full of frightened horses, artillery and soldiers. It was the most famous military operation by Glover's Regiment, but not the most important. When Washington’s army was defeated on Long ...

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