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Robert Frost Lets JFK Do the Unthinkable

So strongly did Robert Frost support John F. Kennedy that the venerable poet let the 43-year-old president-elect change a line of his poetry. Kennedy wanted Frost to read a poem, The Gift Outright, at his Inauguration. The poem tells the history ...

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Two Famous Phrases, One Shipyard

The Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Mass., is connected to two famous phrases in American history. The first: “Mr. Watson, Come here, I want to see you.” The second: “Kilroy was here.” Mr. Watson, of course, was Thomas A. Watson, ...

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Fall River’s Famous Chow Mein Sandwich

When 17-year-old Barbara Wong arrived in Fall River, Mass., after World War II, she could hardly have known she would become the pillar of the city’s most treasured culinary tradition: the chow mein sandwich. If you’re not from southeastern Massachusetts or ...

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Jaws, Or The Tale of an Unfairly Maligned Shark

The classic suspense novel Jaws created such animosity toward sharks that the book's author became an ardent ocean conservationist and shark advocate. Twenty-five years after Jaws was published in early 1974, Peter Benchley said he couldn’t have written it today in good ...

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