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The Great Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919


On Jan. 15, 1919, an enormous molasses storage tank burst in Boston’s North End, and a 25-foot-high wave of molasses surged through the streets at 35 miles per hour. The molasses disaster killed 21 people, including 17 workers, and injured 150. ...

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Abby Kelley Shakes Up Seneca Falls


Abby Kelley came to Seneca Falls, N.Y., in 1843 and turned the town upside down. Day after day she delivered passionate speeches against slavery and for women’s rights. She wasn’t allowed to speak in the churches, so she spoke in ...

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Horatio Alger and the 100-Year-Old Secret

Horatio Alger wrote rags-to-riches stories about poor boys who succeed through hard work, often helped by a wealthy benefactor with a guilty secret. Alger is often believed to have patterned his earnest young characters after himself. Actually, he patterned the ...

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Ed Brooke Takes the Oath of Office

On Jan. 10, 1967, Ed Brooke was sworn in as the junior senator from Massachusetts, the first African-American to win popular election to the upper chamber of Congress. Brooke was then the commonwealth’s attorney general, famous for his coordination of ...

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The Legend of the Baldwin Apple

So revered is the Baldwin apple that Massachusetts has not one but two monuments to the bright red winter fruit. For many years, the Baldwin apple was the most popular fruit in New England and New York. A small hard ...

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