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In Love With A Loyalist

William Tudor was in love with a loyalist, an awkward position for a rebel who would become the first judge advocate general of the Continental Army. Worse, she was a loyalist who helped British soldiers wounded at the Battle of ...

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Alan Shepard Takes a Divot on the Moon

Alan Shepard was only the second person to enter space, but the first to hit a golf ball on the moon. On America’s first manned mission into space, Shepard piloted the Freedom 7 on a 15-minute suborbital trajectory. (He didn’t ...

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Matthew Lyon and the First Congressional Brawl

Matthew Lyon of Fair Haven, Vt., started the first  congressional brawl on Jan. 30, 1798 by spitting in the face of Roger Griswold, a Federalist from Connecticut. Lyon, a Jeffersonian Republican-Democrat, had arrived in Philadelphia half a year earlier  ‘full ...

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