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The Trial of Dr. Benjamin Spock

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Dr. Benjamin Spock was a respectable  member of the Eastern Establishment until a presidential remark set him on a path that ended with his criminal conviction for opposing the Vietnam War. . He started out as a WASPy pediatrician who wrote ...

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Caleb Cushing and the Bad Luck Weathervane

Caleb Cushing famously brought a weathervane shaped like an arrow as a gift to the American consul in China in 1844. Cushing, a Massachusetts politician from Newburyport and U.S. ambassador to China, wanted to spread some good will. Instead, the weathervane was ...

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About William Loeb

William Loeb Jr., father of the New Hampshire publisher, was press secretary to President Teddy Roosevelt.

William Loeb, born on Dec. 6, 1905, had an outsize influence on national politics as publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, New Hampshire’s statewide newspaper. From 1946 until his death in 1981, he published pugnacious conservative editorials on the newspaper’s ...

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Glover’s Regiment Crosses the Delaware

John Glover’s Regiment  of Marblehaders spent Christmas 1776 crossing the Delaware  with boats full of frightened horses, artillery and soldiers. It was the most famous military operation by Glover's Regiment, but not the most important. When Washington’s army was defeated on Long ...

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The Flying Santa of Coastal New England

The New England Flying Santa tradition was born in the teeth of a fierce winter storm when lighthouse beacons along Penobscot Bay guided a frightened pilot home to safety. That frightened pilot was a Friendship, Maine, native named William Wincapaw. He ...

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