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Religion and Social Movements

The NH Man Who Invented Old Home Days

June marks the start of Old Home Days season not just in New England, but throughout the United States, in Canada and Australia. The birth of the celebration can be traced to one man: Frank Rollins, who set in motion ...

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Helen Nearing Writes an Anti-Cookbook

Helen Nearing, a founder of the modern back-to-the-land movement, believed there were more important and interesting things to do than to cook. So she wrote a cookbook. Simple Food for the Good Life was more of an anti-cookbook, really. In ...

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The New England Fat Men’s Club

In the beginning years of the 20th century, the tiny village of Wells River, Vt., was invaded annually by hordes of men with overhanging abdomens and double chins. The village tavern was the headquarters of the New England Fat Men’s ...

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