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The Great Throat Distemper of 1735

throat distemper of 1835

In Southern New Hampshire in 1735, a young child in Kingston came down with a cold and all of New England would get sick. The Great Throat Distemper of 1735 to 1740 was one of the greatest epidemics ever to ...

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The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

In 1880, Dr. George Miller Beard boarded a train for Moosehead Lake in Maine to see for himself the strange lumberjacks known as Jumping Frenchmen. Many lumber camps had them. The jumping Frenchmen tended to be shy, ticklish French-Canadians who ...

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The 1822 Maine Grasshopper Plague

1822 maine grasshopper plague

In Maine, a dry summer meant an increase in locusts. In 1822, the conditions set the stage perfectly for the Maine grasshopper plague. The spring was drier than usual. Forest fires had swept across large swaths of the state driving ...

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