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Massachusetts’ Celery Bug Bill

celery bug bill

William T. Hopkins of Franklin, Mass. -- known around the world as Celery Bug Bill -- started his working life as a sailor. Originally from Manchester, England, Bill was brought to sea by his father, a sea captain. Until the ...

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The Red Paint People of Maine

Archaeologists excavate a cemetery of the Red Paint People in Orland, Maine.

Before the first colonists and explorers came to New England. Before even the American Indian tribes lived here, there were the Red Paint People of Maine. We know very little about the Red Paint People, but they did exist in ...

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The Cold Friday of 1810

The Cold Friday on Jan. 19, 1810 brought terrible winds and frigid temperature talked and written about for generations. Tales of the killer weather event made their way into town histories, journals and court records long after it happened. They ...

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