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The Many Mansions of Edward Searles

In 1921, coroners had Edward Searles body exhumed months after his death. Their conclusion, after examination, was that he had not been poisoned with arsenic as they had suspected. He died of natural causes. And when they planted him back ...

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Six Colonial Homes by Wallace Nutting

Wallace Nutting was a dyspeptic minister so overwhelmed by urban life and modern values that he led countless Americans into a nostalgic vision of the colonial age. He was the Martha Stewart of the Colonial Revival, influencing the décor of ...

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The Triumph of the Connecticut Newsgirls

Were Connecticut newsgirls dangerously overstimulated on the city streets in 1917? Or were they better off than other working-class children because they earned tuition from their newspaper sales? That was the heart of the debate in the Connecticut Legislature during ...

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