Presidents Day Quiz

presidentsHow well do you know our presidents? Take the New England Historical Society Presidents Day quiz to find out!

Welcome to your President's Day Quiz

1. Franklin Pierce was a close friend of one of New England’s leading authors. He was the first to discover the author’s body while on a hiking trip. Who was the author?
2. In 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams made a diplomatic mission to England. While there, they took something as a souvenir while sightseeing. Adams said it was the custom. What did they take?
3. Grace Coolidge famously burst out laughing when she first laid eyes on Calvin.  What was he doing?
4. President Chester A. Arthur was such a clothes horse he was nicknamed ‘Gentleman Boss’ and ‘Elegant Arthur.’ He was said to have owned 80 of what article of clothing?
5. President William Howard Taft visited Beverly, Mass., four times in the summer. His first hostess was annoyed by Secret Service demands, nosy tourists and the hubbub surrounding the president. True or false: She told Taft not to come back at all, cut the house up in pieces and floated it to Marblehead to make sure he didn’t return.
6. Abigail Adams famously advised her husband to ‘remember the ladies.’ John Adams’ response was:
7. George Washington famously broke up a snowball fight in Harvard Yard in 1775. What was the fight about?
8. In 1788, 20-year-old John Quincy Adams was studying law with Theophilus Parsons in Newburyport when he went to a New Year’s Day party. Something happened that disgusted him. What was it?
9. President Ulysses S. Grant visited this famous Rhode Islander and a sibling when they were at boarding school in New York. Who did he visit?
10. John F. Kennedy redesigned this symbol of the presidency. What was it?

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