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St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

President John F. Kennedy visits Cork, Ireland, in 1963.

President John F. Kennedy visits Cork, Ireland, in 1963.

How well do you know the Irish history of New England? If you've been reading the New England Historical Society, you probably know it pretty well.

Test your knowledge of New England's Irish heritage by answering the 11 questions below.

Welcome to your St. Patrick's Day Quiz

1) Three signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in Ireland. One lived in New England. Who was he?
2) The South Shore of Boston is nicknamed:
3) There’s a statue of a man born as John Feeney in Portland, Maine. He made his name in the movies as:
4) It was an insult to be called a two-boater because:
5) What happened when Jacqueline Bouvier showed up at Ethel Kennedy’s St. Patrick’s Day party in 1953?
6) True or False: Evacuation Day is celebrated on March 17 to commemorate the British departure from Boston in 1776.
7) Which Revolutionary War hero was not Irish-American?
8) In 1845, one in 50 Bostonians were born in Ireland. After the Great Hunger 10 years later, how many were?
9) The British tried to establish a colony called New Ireland in 1779. What is it called now?
10) What song did George M. Cohan NOT write?
11) Bonus Question: Benjamin Franklin in 1778 promised the Irish that the Americans would free them from British rule. True or false?




  1. Robert Briere

    March 16, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    I saw 5.

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