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Six Canals That Built New England


In 1803, one of the first New England canals made Boston the undisputed commercial center of New England. Called ‘the Incredible Ditch,’ the Middlesex Canal allowed a barge to haul 30 tons of goods back and forth between Chelmsford (now ...

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The Oldest Bank in Each New England State


The oldest bank in a state isn’t necessarily the first one chartered. Banks have had their difficulties over the years and many failed or were swallowed up by other banks. Bank of America, for example, started out as the Providence ...

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Six Historic Downtown Department Stores

People used to dress up when they took the train into the city to visit downtown department stores, plastic charge cards in hand. They often stayed for the day, patronizing nearby theaters, banks, restaurants and other stores, maybe Kresge's or ...

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The Return of ZaRex

Generations of New Englanders grew up on ZaRex, a sweet fruity syrup that could be made into a drink, into snow cones or as a secret ingredient in cupcakes. It was a retro regional favorite, much like the Fluffernutter sandwich, ...

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Helen Nearing Writes an Anti-Cookbook

Helen Nearing, a founder of the modern back-to-the-land movement, believed there were more important and interesting things to do than to cook. So she wrote a cookbook. Simple Food for the Good Life was more of an anti-cookbook, really. In ...

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