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The Great Moon Hoax of 1835

great moon hoax

Benjamin Day was a pioneer of fake news. In 1835, his great moon hoax and other fantastic tales made his newspaper, the Sun, into a money-making powerhouse and lifted the art of fake news to new heights. Day was born ...

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Fortunate Son: The Madness of John Stark

General John Stark

For nearly 200 years, from the beginnings of the country, the Stark name, beginning with John Stark, was the gold standard of New Hampshire. The family fortunes followed the arc of the new nation from farming to industrialization to railroads ...

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The Mickey Mouse Watch Is Born in Connecticut

The Mickey Mouse watch put thousands of people to work in Waterbury, Conn., during the depths of the Great Depression. The employment boomlet resulted from the reluctant marriage of the Disney Company to a floundering clock company. Walt Disney himself ...

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