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Edwin Henderson Proves Black Men Can Jump

In 1906, many white Americans believed black Americans were poor at sports. An African-American physical education teacher named Edwin Henderson was at Harvard that summer learning to coach basketball. He would spend the next 60 years proving them wrong. Basketball ...

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In 1895, William Morgan Invents Mintonette

James Naismith and William Morgan were teammates on the football team in 1892 at the YMCA International Training School (later renamed Springfield College). Naismith, who coached the team, had invited the younger Morgan to join. In 1891, Naismith had invented ...

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The Boston Redskins Play Their Last Game

George Preston Marshall brought professional football to Boston in 1931 with a team known as the Boston Redskins -- and which won a division championship. Boston didn’t care. The city’s indifference to his football team infuriated Marshall, who eventually moved ...

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Walt Dropo: UConn Legend, Red Sox Star

Walt Dropo graduated from the University of Connecticut as the greatest three-sport athlete in the college’s history. Between his sophomore and junior year, he played on July 12, 1943, at Fenway Park with Ted Williams and Dom DiMaggio. Babe Ruth ...

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