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Six Colonial Homes by Wallace Nutting

Wallace Nutting was a dyspeptic minister so overwhelmed by urban life and modern values that he led countless Americans into a nostalgic vision of the colonial age. He was the Martha Stewart of the Colonial Revival, influencing the décor of ...

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Six Oldest Libraries in New England

Identifying New England’s oldest libraries is no easy task, as the first colonists valued literacy and education for boys and girls. The Puritans, after all, wanted everyone to read the Bible. Many New England libraries evolved over time from private collections ...

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Shirley Jackson Gets a Job at Macy’s

Shirley Jackson worked as a shop clerk at Macy’s by day and by night wrote stories that every middle-school child reads and moviegoers watch on the big screen. In 1941 she wrote a funny story about her stifling job in ...

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