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Black Sheep: The Rev. John Cotton Jr. Story

john cotton jr.

Is black sheep a fair description of Rev. John Cotton Jr.? His father, after all, condoned casting Anne Hutchinson out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, branded as a heretic. And his nephew Cotton Mather famously celebrated the Salem Witch Trials. ...

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The Day Rhode Island Hanged 26 Pirates

On July 19, 1723, officials in Newport, R.I., hanged 26 sailors for piracy before a jubilant crowd. They comprised half of all executions in Rhode Island between 1673 and February 13, 1845. Puritan minister Cotton Mather was pleased to get ...

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The Great Northern Lights Panic of 1719

A spectacular Northern Lights display on Dec. 11, 1719, sent New Englanders screaming into the night and inspired Puritan ministers to publish detailed descriptions of the phenomenon. New Englanders hadn’t seenmuch of the Northern Lights up until then. There had ...

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