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Black Sheep: The Rev. John Cotton Jr. Story

john cotton jr.

Is black sheep a fair description of Rev. John Cotton Jr.? His father, after all, condoned casting Anne Hutchinson out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, branded as a heretic. And his nephew Cotton Mather famously celebrated the Salem Witch Trials. ...

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6 Historic Haunted Houses in New England

Haunted houses belong to New England lore as Revolutionary battles or clipper ship races. New Englanders have been aware of the supernatural since Cotton Mather blamed earthquakes on the devil. New England. Ghosts, witches, devils and monsters in human shape ...

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The Great 1727 Earthquake and the Wrath of God


Northern New Englanders ran for cover in late October as the 1727 earthquake, more powerful than any they had experienced, shook the region late one night. Distressed livestock went running around fields and terrified people packed into churches. The epicenter ...

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