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Six New England Poorhouses

New England poorhouses are mostly forgotten today, but they were once a very real and often feared part of life in the region. Poorhouses evolved from the English poor laws, passed in the 16th and 17th centuries. They required the ...

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The Brunswick Children Strike the Cabot Mill

A child textile mill worker in Evansville, Ind., August 1908. Photo by Lewis Hine, courtesy Library of Congress.In the summer of 1881, eight-year-old children working in a Brunswick, Maine, textile mill found out eight-year-old children working in a Lewiston, Maine, ...

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Pass the Tourtiere, C’est Le Reveillon!

For many, many years, le reveillon was the way Franco-Americans ushered in New Year’s Day in New England’s Little Canadas. The reveillon is a long, late dinner preceding a holiday, and central to it is the tourtiere. The celebrated meat ...

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A Fulfilling Story: New England Pie History

In the annals of pie history, New England holds a special place. Pumpkin pie might not have happened without New England, where rhubarb pie is revered in the springtime. In New England’s Little Canadas, Franco-Americans celebrate the Christmas holidays with ...

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Before Groundhog Day, It Was Candlemas

Candlemas was always about two thing before it was about the groundhog: candles and the weather. For many Catholics, Candlemas was also about putting away the Christmas decorations. (If you haven't by now, perhaps you should consider it.) What is ...

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