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Black Sheep: The Rev. John Cotton Jr. Story

john cotton jr.

Is black sheep a fair description of Rev. John Cotton Jr.? His father, after all, condoned casting Anne Hutchinson out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, branded as a heretic. And his nephew Cotton Mather famously celebrated the Salem Witch Trials. ...

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6 Hollywood Stars Buried in New England

New England may be associated more with summer stock theatre than the silver screen, but it didn’t take much to find 6 Hollywood stars buried in 6 New England states. Plenty of films have been shot in the region, many ...

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Jaws, Or The Tale of an Unfairly Maligned Shark

The classic suspense novel Jaws created such animosity toward sharks that the book's author became an ardent ocean conservationist and shark advocate. Twenty-five years after Jaws was published in early 1974, Peter Benchley said he couldn’t have written it today in good ...

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