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How To Make an Election Cake

Election Cake featured in the Puritan celebration of Election Day, one of the important colonial holidays along with Commencement Day and Training Day. (The Puritans had no use for saints days, which they viewed as Papist abominations, and they even ...

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Brownie Schrumpf, The First Foodie of Maine


Brownie Schrumpf was only 4’11” but she had a monumental impact on the way Mainers eat. Over a 70-year career she was a diehard advocate of Maine food and simple Maine recipes. She taught classes, gave demonstrations, appeared on television ...

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The Great Whoopie Pie Controversy

Did the Whoopie Pie originate in New England or Pennsylvania? New England claims the treat as its own, while Pennsylvania argues the Whoopie Pie was first a product of Amish farm kitchens. Food historians may never find the answer, though ...

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The Revolutionary Roots of the Fluffernutter Sandwich

The fluffernutter sandwich can be counted among Paul Revere’s many descendants along with Tony award-winning actress Anne Revere and Civil War Gen. Joseph Warren Revere. The classic New England kids’ treat was the brainchild of Paul Revere’s great-great-great-granddaughter Emma Curtis of ...

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The Legend of the Baldwin Apple

So revered is the Baldwin apple that Massachusetts has not one but two monuments to the bright red winter fruit. For many years, the Baldwin apple was the most popular fruit in New England and New York. A small hard ...

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