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Maine Stamp Act Riot of 1766

maine stamp act

News was slow to reach Maine in 1766, and it cost William King dearly. The Maine Stamp Act Riot of 1766 targeted King, of Scarborough, and ironically it occurred after the act had been repealed. It also was not, strictly ...

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The Canaan Mob and the Noyes Academy

In 1834 a group of New Hampshire abolitionists decided to establish a school for black students. At first, Noyes Academy seemed relatively uncontroversial. But that would soon change. Scheduled to open in March 1835, some 14 black students – boys ...

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Boston Gentlemen Riot for Slavery

A meeting of four dozen women and a British abolitionist inspired thousands who considered themselves gentlemen to riot and drag a magazine publisher through the streets of Boston. In 1835, 147 riots broke out in U.S. cities, with the most ...

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