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The Great Whoopie Pie Controversy

Did the Whoopie Pie originate in New England or Pennsylvania? New England claims the treat as its own, while Pennsylvania argues the Whoopie Pie was first a product of Amish farm kitchens. Food historians may never find the answer, though ...

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Moxie, The Path to the Good Life

President Calvin Coolidge celebrated his inauguration with a cold Moxie. Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams was a spokesman for it. Deer Isle author E. B. White wrote,  “Moxie contains gentian root, which is the path to the good life.” New England has always embraced the oddly medicinal ...

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Currier & Ives ‘Cheap and Popular Prints’

Currier & Ives described their prints as ‘cheap and popular,’ and while they’re still popular, they are hardly cheap. Prints that once sold for 15 cents or a dollar can now command several thousand dollars from collectors. Currier & Ives was ...

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