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Joshua Hempstead Makes It Home Safely

Joshua Hampstead throughout his long life in colonial New England pursued many business activities, some of which carried perils almost unimaginable today. He was a surveyor, carpenter, gravestone carver, lawyer, local official and — always — a farmer.  At the age ...

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Flashback Photo: Stonington, Conn., 1940

Jack Delano took this haunting photo of Stonington, Conn., in 1940 for the Farm Security Administration, one of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs. The photo caption reads, 'A square with old houses in an old fishing village.' Stonington, which ...

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Jaws, Or The Tale of an Unfairly Maligned Shark

The classic suspense novel Jaws created such animosity toward sharks that the book's author became an ardent ocean conservationist and shark advocate. Twenty-five years after Jaws was published in early 1974, Peter Benchley said he couldn’t have written it today in good ...

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