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The History of Indian Summer

Blue Hill, Maine, in OctoberIndian summer has evolved over the centuries from a pioneer superstition to the poet’s best friend to the meteorologists’ whipping boy. It is a period of unusually warm, still days that follow a cold spell, the ...

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6 Revolutionary Taverns

The American Revolution probably wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the Revolutionary taverns where patriots and Loyalists gathered to talk politics. Sam Adams famously haunted the taverns of Boston, honing his political skills and making his political connections. His cousin John ...

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The Cold Friday of 1810

The Cold Friday on Jan. 19, 1810 brought terrible winds and frigid temperature talked and written about for generations. Tales of the killer weather event made their way into town histories, journals and court records long after it happened. They ...

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Walden Pond, Then and Now in Pictures

Around the time 27-year-old Henry David Thoreau moved to Walden Pond, the Fitchburg Railroad opened on its banks, about a third of a mile from his cabin. Thoreau wasn't happy about it. Nor would he have been happy about the ...

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