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6 Historic Stagecoach Stops You Can Visit

The history of New England’s post roads and their stagecoach stops mirror the history of the country. The roads date back to the Pequots who used the trails that grew into the post roads for generations; the same trails carried ...

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The Glory Days of the Indian Motocycle

The world-famous Indian motocycle came into existence because of a lucky encounter at Madison Square Garden in 1900.   George M. Hendee was there to watch the bicycle race. As a teenager, he had ridden a high-wheeler to the first ...

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Flashback Photo: Before the Interstate, 1922

The Interstate Highway System exists today because a young Dwight D. Eisenhower took a memorable transcontinental trip in 1919 -- three years before the above photo of another transcontinental trip was taken. The photo of early snowbirds was taken on May ...

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