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The Great Moon Hoax of 1835

great moon hoax

Benjamin Day was a pioneer of fake news. In 1835, his great moon hoax and other fantastic tales made his newspaper, the Sun, into a money-making powerhouse and lifted the art of fake news to new heights. Day was born ...

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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

mary celeste

On Nov. 5, 1872, Benjamin Briggs of Wareham, Mass. piloted the brigantine Mary Celeste to sea loaded with cargo for Genoa. It was the last time anyone saw Briggs or any of his crew alive. The mystery of the Mary ...

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The Great 1727 Earthquake and the Wrath of God


Northern New Englanders ran for cover in late October as the 1727 earthquake, more powerful than any they had experienced, shook the region late one night. Distressed livestock went running around fields and terrified people packed into churches. The epicenter ...

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