Updating the Historical Record – And Adding Some Color

[jpshare]The study of history has long had a chronic case of the disease, Great White Man Syndrome – focusing on the accomplishments of white men at the The_white_mans_burdenexpense of others. Well, everyone had a hand in creating history and everyone should be represented.  To help bring some balance to the record, especially Massachusetts history, Northeastern University is taking the bull by the horns. The school’s Archives and Special Collections Department is hosting a behind-the-scenes tour of its most important and at-risk historical records of Boston's African American, Chinese, GLBTQ, and Latino communities on October 23. Then you’ll learn how to create new Wikipedia articles. The whole idea is to increase the on-line encyclopedia’s coverage of underrepresented people, places, events and organizations important to the history of Boston. You can sign up (online, of course) here. [optinrev-inline-optin2]

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