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It's women's history month, time to find out how well you know your women's history. You'll probably do well if you're a faithful reader of the New England Historical Society.

Here's the quiz:

Welcome to your Women's History Quiz

1. She was called the bravest woman in America and awarded a medal for her heroics at sea. Who was she?

2. This Native American woman was an entertainer who also wrote a dictionary of the Penobscot language. Who was she?

3. One of the first snowbirds, this author popularized Florida as a winter tourist destination beginning in 1867. Who was she?

4. Abigail Adams was NOT an eyewitness to one of these events. Which one was it?

5. The Rhode Island School of Design was founded by a group of women with money left over from Rhode Island’s exhibition pavilion at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1872. The group was headed by:

6. Sybil Ludington has been called the female Paul Revere because she:

7. She was one of the first two women to participate in a televised presidential debate. Who was she and who did she debate?

8. Massachusetts Gov. John Endecott called her ‘a dangerous woman.’ Who was she and what did she do?

9. The daughter of this famous New Englander became the region’s first Catholic nun:


10. What statement is NOT true about Lowell mill girl Sarah Bagley?

11. While flying on the side, Amelia Earhart had a job in Boston. What was it?

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