This Week’s New History Highlights for March 12, 2016

Flashback Photos: The Great Boston Fire of 1872

Boston Fire Department engineer John Damrell was worried about fire danger in the months before the Great Boston Fire of 1872. Click for more.




A Brief History of Town Meeting, From Election Cake to Lemon Meringue Pie

Town Meeting wasn’t exactly what the Puritans had in mind when they came to New England to build their cities on a hill. Click for more.


How Ethan Allen Got Married to a Loyalist

Ethan Allen got married a second time in a bizarre ceremony after a whirlwind courtship to a woman half his age. Click for more.


Annie Londonderry: From Peddler to Pedaler

In 1894 Annie Cohen Kopchovsky set out to bicycle around the world in 15 months as Annie Londonderry, and she did. Sort of. Click for more.


Edwin Henderson Proves Black Men Can Jump

In 1906, many white Americans believed black Americans were poor at sports. An African-American physical education teacher named Edwin Henderson was at Harvard that summer learning to coach basketball. He would spend the next 60 years proving them wrong. Click for more.


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